Accounting Professionals and Corporate Leaders play an important role in their respective organisation in this digital age. And now, in a greatly-interconnected world, businesses continually face demands for increasing transparency, trust and accountability. Along with this, the accounting profession is also slowly and steadily evolving in ensuring its relevance to businesses, government and the society as a whole.

The MIA International Accountants Conference (MIA Conference) is our annual flagship event which provides the best avenue for insightful discussions for the accountancy profession. The MIA Conference features top notch speakers from both local and around the world. Last year, more than 3,100 delegates from commerce and industry, public sector, public practice and academia have participated in the MIA Conference.

Come and join us this year in MIA Conference 2019, one of the largest gathering of accountants in the world!

KEY Takeaways from attending the MIA Conference

•  Review the importance of good governance and how it can contribute to sustainable growth
•  Evaluate value creation strategies
•  Leverage the insights from the world’s leading speakers
•  Embrace technology and the new digital era
•  Venture into new exciting areas and diversify your capabilities
•  Address the latest and most pressing issues on business, accounting and finance
•  Network with finance leaders, corporate captains, senior government officials and thought leaders
•  Transform mind sets to become successful business leaders


Stay connected to obtain latest news between now and the event, be sure to Google out MIA Conference and search our hashtag #MIAConference on your favourite social media.