The main graphic element is based on the trumpet-shaped Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, the national flower of Malaysia, best known to locals as the Bunga Raya.

The petals of the flower reflects the five national principles of Malaysia, known as the Rukunegara, where it forms the building blocks for strong commitment to ethical values. The cluster petals signifies the unity and coming together of accounting professionals the world over while the flowing stamen depicts the role of accountants and financial leaders in delivering and sustaining value creation. The pollen sacs in yellow symbolise the aim of the Conference to have participation of accounting professionals from six continents.

The colours Red and Turquoise are used for the logo. Red derived from the national flag of Malaysia where it reflects courage, strength and passion while Turquoise reflects a corporate nature and are often associated with harmony, faithfulness and confidence - factors that are fundamental to professional excellence.

The event logo is a key component of the visual identity of the Conference.